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Satoshi-Poker-073013ALCasinos are where traditional games of chance are played, won or lost. A casino has different kinds of games for the diverse crowd that comes to try their luck. The main three varieties of games available in a casino are table games, slot machine games and random number games. Table games such as Blackjack, Roulette etc have a live dealer. In the case of slot machine games, it’s a single player with no dealer. You are only playing against the machine. There is no competition from other players. Hence making it one of the easiest and most popular games in an online casino ca. Slot machine don’t offer a win-win situation but you are at a benefit if you play often or long enough to understand the pattern to look out for.


Online Slot games

As with all things, technology has brought even casino slots to your living room. You can now play online slot games within the confines of your home. In the process, win huge money too. Slot machines have come a long way from the basic 3 wheel slots to the visually enticing 3D machine games that have taken the experience of the play to the next level. The main attractions found in a casino slot machine are all replicated in an online slot game with the visual and sound effects from the whirring of the slot machine turning, to the blinking of t the lights to the shimmering of coins.

heads-up-pokerEach online slot has a distinctive character even though the basic play strategy remains the same. Some of the slots have free spins, others have jackpots and some other have bonus game offers too. A few slots offer the option to stop when you want whereas in others you can just start the slot play, the stop is automatic. Many of the slots offer cinematic experiences and have their themes drawn from movies like X-men, Iron man, Jurassic park.

The most popular slots we have to offer on Majestic Slots are: Bubble Bubble, T-Rex, Texan Tycoon, Lucha Libre, Enchanted Garden, Triple Twister, Play Dirt, Achilles.


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